1. Let Me Go

From the recording Let Me Go

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I want to clear my mind
and figure out what i can find
i know the fault is mine
that overthinking made me blind
don’t want to waste my time
i wish that i could just rewind
to see what’s remind
the thoughts the tears, i left behind

i wanna feel the pain
i’m ready now to take this train
everyday the same
so many things are still remain
i wanna face it all
to cry to scream to burn it all
i wanna break that wall
to find myself, to clean my soul

i lost myself and i had enough of trying to be so high
i don’t wanna lie
try to find my other eye
i wanna say goodbye to all the stories in my mind

i wanna break the wall
let me go let me go
i want a place to grow
let me go let me go
i wanna change my world
let me go let me go
i wanna face it all
let me go let me go